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Harley Davidson

Wholecar 1989

Bandidos MC

Bandidos MC

Sogn V.G.S

Blackbook sketch

SirPrize 1995

Ceng & Kazy 1994

Kazism 10 years

Desmo by Kazy





Do you tell people you meet and your family that you make "graffiti" or do you use other words instead?
Ofcourse I say that I have and still make graffiti. I'm proud of the word graffiti, and graffiti is the only artform of modern art that I really enjoy too.

The whole movement involves a lot of creative people on a global level nowdays. There is so many goodlooking colorburners that are being made. Too bad that almost nobody gets to see it except the owners of the photos. It all gets painted over too fast. Only thing that people get to see is street taggs and fast pieces.

There should be more legal graffiti walls in society - most people think it looks good when they see that there is spendt much time, colors and effort into a graffiti piece.

What do you think of graffiti as a culture in general nowdays?
There is far too much beef and wars inside the culture and it dosn't look like it's getting any better. People should take a look at themselfs and ask to themself "what the hell are we doing". Graff was supposed to be an alternative to gangviolence - not the other way around.

That TAC wholecar Phens and you made in 1988 was done with rollerpaint, right? That's the only wholecar I've heard of done with rollerpaint, why did you use that and was it easy to paint trains back then?
Haha is it really the first rollerpaint wholecar you've heard of? Well it was all well planned out; we were to make a wholecar with blockletters, and we just thought it would be most fast using rollerpaint. It went very fast too..I even though it went a bit too fast hehe.

And yes it was much easier to paint trains back then! Still Oslo Sporveier did have a vandal squad back then too. It was Fosser and Langmoen specially who has been working in the vandal squad since graffiti came to Norway. Everybody knew who they were, and we recognized them when they were out looking for writers in their suits and ties. Haha everyone knew what they looked like. NSB didnt have any organized security until a long time later.

Tanya Hansen

Do you still hang out with writers on your sparetime?
Not really. The combination of that most of the oldschool has grown apart from eachother and people don't have that much sparetime anymore. Besides I'm also much older then the guys that are active painting today.

Eventhough I don't know that many of todays writers I still go to jams every now and then. I was at the Norwegian championship of breakdancing and it rocked! I breakdance myself too every now and then on special occasions hehe.

Do you think that you will still be painting in 10 years from now?
Yes, I'm sure that I will still be into graffiti then, and Kazy will still be my main name!

What happend to your oldschool partner Phens, did he quit painting?
He went to USA in 1990 and when he came back he was still painting, but my motivation wasn't on top that year. So we kind of lost contact. I havent talked to him since back then, but I still wonder what he's up to nowdays. If he reads this it would be cool if he took contact in some way or another!

Do you prefer to paint with a sketch or freestyle?
It depends pretty much, because I usually don't plan out the whole outcome when I create something. Most often I make a basic sketch and come up with new ideas while I'm painting, the rest goes by usual routine and experience.

Kazy's bike

Any last words?
To those of you that has problems with eachother try to become friends instead. Get together united and make Oslo a colorful city!

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